Finnish and Russian companies on-line BtoB-matchmaking events

To whom: For Finnish and Russian companies who are looking for new business contacts (new partners, subcontractors, suppliers, buyers, investors etc).

Languages of events are Finnish and Russian with interpretation from both sides.

Events are organised on-line and are free of charge.

Please, register for the next event, if you find suitable business contacts for you company among the event's list of participants.

Do not worry, if you don't find perfect matches at this time. There will be new events and business contacts available later.

The best result of on-line matchmaking events' pitching is to have further discussions with potential partners.

Upcoming events

27.11. On-line BtoB-matchmaking event
will be based on list of Finnish companies.

Registration for Russian companies was closed on 17.11.
Please, note what the Finnish companies are looking for.


Previous events

14.6. On-line BtoB-matchmaking event
Matchmaking was based on list of Russian companies.




Each event offers a chance for maximum 8 companies from both sides to find possible business partners. Participating companies are preferred to represent the same industry.

Finnish participants 
gather in Turku region Business Service Center Potkuri
Joukahaisenkatu 3 A, Turku, map, parking.

or in SparkUp
Tykistökatu 4, Turku, map, parking.

Russian participants
gather in Centre for entrepreneurship
61, Polustrovskiy prospect, St. Petersburg.

For more information

In Finland (in Finnish, English and Russian)
Heidi Saario, +358 50 559 0642, heidi.saario(a)

In Russia (in Russian and English)
Ivetta Zuber, +7 812 372 5290, zuber(a)